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Count on Us for Gun Consignments

With our network of buyers and sellers, you can sell your gun faster. Count on Go Ballistic Firearms for full-service consignment for all types of firearms.

Our buyers will consider the Blue Book of Gun Values and the current market value of your firearm. We’ll carefully inspect your gun’s condition to ensure that you get a fair purchase price.

We’re interested in all types of firearms, including individual pieces, large collections, and estate collections. For more information, email us at

See Us for Legal Firearm Transfers

Make sure your firearm transfer is completed legally and safely with Go Ballistic Firearms. We offer lawful, efficient, and inexpensive transfers ($20.00 includes tax).

We also work with online transactions. If you find a deal online, buy it and contact us. We’ll make the paperwork as painless as possible, and you won’t end up overpaying for a phone call and some paperwork.